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Here are some comments from some of our existing customers:

AgeUK Croydon implemented The Support Directory in 2005 and have over the years integrated it into their organisation as the primary resource for delivering tinformation, all staff and volunteers have been trained and it's their first port of call for any enquiry.

“In the last year, we can say that we have helped support 100,000 enquiries through the website. We simply couldn’t have done that face to face or by telephone. What’s more, our information is always kept up to date which supports Quality Standards. Having The Support Directory is as important to us as having a phone line, heating and lighting – it’s essential in delivering the service.”

“The directory is a comprehensive source of information accessible to advisers and clients visiting the website. A wealth of information regarding the law and other service provision is stored under accessible subject areas. Factsheets and details of other agencies can be flagged and emailed to clients at the push of a button ensuring that clients have accurate information to refer to following their call.”

“All organisations featured in the directory are sent copies of their entries bi-annually to check the details are correct but they can make amendments at any time should their service delivery change and Age UK Croydon work hard to ensure that the directory is updated promptly when they become aware of changes.”
Irene Jordan, Age UK Croydon


Rochdale & District Mind has been using The Support Directory since 2008 and it has made a big difference to how they can provide information to their customers.

Paula Hall, Information Services Co-ordinator at Rochdale & District Mind said, “A lot of people are using our directory with over 10,000 visits in October 2013. Comparing that to before 2008 when our system was paper based – we couldn’t have dealt with that number of enquiries. Not only that but the number of services that we now list has increased dramatically since 2008, from 200 to over 800!”

“The Support Directory itself is really easy to use and very intuitive – I’m always using it to make sure that our information is as up to date as possible. From finding the organisation information at the touch of a button to being able to search by category – it really makes our lives a lot easier! ”
Paula Hall, Rochdale & District Mind


Mind in Croydon started to use The Support Directory in 2004 as they needed to provide information to their customers, both quickly and efficiently.

Annie Grimwade, Information and Marketing Co-ordinator from Mind Croydon said, “Using The Support Directory allows us to provide a better service to our customers. On average, we have 7,000 unique visitors each month, who download 22,000 pages of information. Being able to regularly support that number of enquiries is fantastic!”

“What’s more, we know that all of the organisations listed on the directory are approved by us – whereas if we simply used a search engine, there would be no way to guarantee the quality of the service that someone would get.”

“Our team use the directory in supporting the number of enquiries that come in and as the system is so simple to use, we’re able to train our volunteers to provide the information – saving us staff costs.”

“One of my favourite features is the ability to send an email out to all of the services listed on our directory, asking them to amend their information. They submit this to me and I then just need to approve it – rather than having to update the information myself – saving me time which can only be a good thing!”
Annie Grimwade, Mind in Croydon